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Hoppi is a brand name that combines "hope" and "happy". We "look forward to creating a day full of hope and happiness for users."

Designer William has developed bicycle sports backpacks and various accessories in the design company. After that, he has participated in the design of hundreds of products in two international brands for more than ten years. He is also a daddy of two children, with the children. The growth found that the schoolbag is not too serious or too fancy, it is difficult to find a backpack with a sense of design, simple and easy to use, moderate price and can take care of the connection between parents and children, so the idea of ​​starting a business!

We believe that "everyday is a small adventure", regardless of office workers commuting to work every day, children going to school every day; whether traveling up and down the sea, or simply walking on the streets, life is full of unknowns The challenge and fun, the backpack is the closest partner after going out! Therefore, I constantly think about how to return the bag to the original use essence, simplify the complicated design without losing the personality of the package itself, often tug the river between simple and beautiful and convenient functions. After the trade-off and adjustment, the first one was born in 2017. Product – Explorer Series Backpack.

Hippo in addition to the big belly like a backpack, English hippo is also the brand name hoppi rearranged words, so we choose Hippo as a mascot, make the brand and products more interesting and interesting, I sincerely hope that every day to carry a backpack, you can let you Feel hope and happiness.